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Everyone in a row! ..or almost like that

Heiða Ingimarsdóttir writes

There are many reasons why I have decided to join Reconstruction. One of the main ones is that when I got to know the party, I read about its basic policy, which is to create a just society where the public interest takes precedence over the special interests and all individuals. , households and companies enjoy equality.

I think this is important , beautiful and needed. What has made me even happier is to hear how lively this discourse is in the work of the party. When people come together and discuss issues and policies, these words are often used and they are adapted to what is going on.

Recently, Viðreisn has been discuss how to eliminate waiting lists. I have discussed this with my loved ones and there is a dislike for everything that is called something private. It must not be mentioned that some help is obtained from the great professionals we have if it is not through the public system.

I understand the fear . I understand what people are up against. It is against the creation of an elite system here. They are against the fact that Hannes CEO gets directly into the service he wants because he has plenty of money, but that Gulli school staff has to wait for more months for the same service because his salary is so short.

The thing is, however, that as things stand today, this is the system we have.

I can take my loved ones as an example.

My lovely son, talented and funny live calf is in the process of being diagnosed. He himself is very satisfied with the progress as he finds that the restlessness disturbs him at school and he often has difficulty concentrating.

This is still no problem. We are aware of this and we all try to work together. His teacher and I, however, agreed that he needed to be diagnosed and get some kind of support before this could affect him, socially or academically.

After we both handed in papers in which we wrote our assessment of him, we were called to a meeting with a psychologist from the social services. There we talked about my dear boy and what he was fun and smart but that this should be a shackle on his foot.

The psychologist smiled and said: “After reading the data and hearing you talk about it, I do not need to meet him.”

I answered: “Well, cool …”

But then she was quick to add: ,, … but of course I still need it. “ Which I knew and understood but what came next struck me.

That genius is a matter of interest to my genius is in the 5th grade and his teacher and I decided to hurry up this work so that when he reached adolescence he would have the support he needed.

During this meeting, I realized that there was a negligible chance that it would happen.

He needs to go to the pre-definition before st. It is carried out by the social services and there is approximately 10 a month waiting there. When that analysis is done, he goes into the analysis itself and there is approximately 12 month of waiting.

I asked if it was possible to book the diagnosis itself while waiting for the pre-diagnosis. It must not be. The second process must be completed before starting the next one. Good and well.

When I whispered about the waiting time, the psychologist explained to me that I could go through this with him in the short term. time if I go another way and paid for. However, it would be costly. The psychologist told me that some parents go for a pre-diagnosis at the social services and then through a private office. That way, the process would be a little cheaper. Those who could not afford to pay for the diagnosis in part or in full were, however, forced to wait for this time.

It is therefore completely crystal clear that there is this infamous elite system. It’s okay now. As things stand today, children of more affluent parents can get the services they need immediately, but those with less affluent parents can wait and try to adapt to any of the problems they face in the meantime.

This is not the only example I can give you.

A teenage girl who is close to me expressed her mother that she was struggling with depression.

Her mother went to Google and checked the price of psychological services for children her age. When she met the price around , she called the social services because there were certainly young people there who she almost certainly thought the system needed to intervene and take good care of it.

After a conversation with a social worker at the service center where the mother expressed her concerns and the girl’s problems, she was told that a psychologist was not in available there. She could, however, make an appointment with a psychologist at a health center.

The process for this is to start by making an appointment with a GP. He then hopefully refers the girl to a psychologist and informs about the estimated waiting time. The wait at the health center can be considerable. They still do not hope.

If this mother could afford it, she would have rushed and booked an appointment with a psychologist in a private room at the same time, as there are few which worries a person as much as the news that a person’s child is struggling with depression.

Both of these children face the system that we live in today puts them on a waiting list. A waiting list they would not be on if their parents were wealthy enough. The system today is precisely the system that my closest ones do not want to live with.

Therefore, I think it is important that a party like Viðreisn, which heralds change and which announces the cooperation of systems for the benefit of the public, achieves aviation. We need systems that work together. We need solutions and we need them now, but not an annoyance that delays important changes.

I think it’s important that people do not hook on waiting lists because they do not have afford to pay for it. I also think it is important that people have a choice about where they get their services.

I also think it is important that our professionals have freedom of employment and can work there

I am proud to belong to a group of people who want to work for liberalism and equality, a just society, economic balance and international cooperation .

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