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Draghi's government formally takes power in Italy

The Brotherhood of Italy, a nationalist party on the far right wing of politics, was the only heavyweight party in parliament to oppose Draghi’s unity government.

National government to avoid government crisis in times of emergency The government of Giuseppe Contes and the Five Star Movement recently lost its majority and Conte failed to form a new majority in parliament. Italian President Sergio Mattarella then persuaded Draghi, the former European and Italian central bank governor, to try to form a national government, or “unity government of critical people”, with the support of all parties.

The five-star movement in both directions The leadership of the five-star movement was strongly opposed to participating in a government led by Draghi, as it opposed opposition to austerity. After talks with Draghi on key issues in the proclaimed national government, the leadership changed its mind and struck.

Several members of the party were among them

. who voted against the government yesterday and fifteen of the party’s senators did the same on Wednesday. There is considerable dissatisfaction and unrest among the party’s voters because of this turnaround.

According to the board of the Charter, actions to address the health and economic consequences of the coronavirus epidemic are at the top of the new unitary list of tasks.

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