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Draghi will be the Prime Minister of Italy

Mario Draghi, former Governor of the European Central Bank, today took over the mandate to form a government in Italy under his chairmanship.

Draghi, 73 an economist, will lead a new extra-parliamentary government after Giuseppe Conte’s government lost its majority in the Italian parliament a month ago. Draghi met with President Sergio Mattarella earlier today and announced that his government would be made up of politicians and technocrats.

The Governor of the Italian Central Bank, Daniele Franco, will be Draghi’s Minister of Finance, while Giuseppe’s Minister of Health and Foreign Affairs will retain his post.

The coronary virus epidemic has plunged Italy into the country’s worst economic recession since World War II and over 420 thousands of Italians have lost their jobs since the epidemic began.

Mattarella first asked Draghi to form a government on 3 February. Almost all Italian political parties support his government, from the far-right League to the Democratic Party.

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