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Do not expect a press conference after the meeting with Pfizer

Katrín Jakobsdóttir, Prime Minister, says that Icelandic scientists will meet with Pfizer today about a possible fourth phase of the pharmaceutical company’s research in this country on its vaccine against Covid – 19.

She says she does not expect a press conference tonight following the meeting with the pharmaceutical company.

This was stated in an interview with Katrín in Bítin á Bylgjan this morning. There have been various rumors in recent days that an agreement with Pfizer on the investigation is in place. There are therefore hundreds of thousands of doses of vaccine on the way to the country.

There have also been rumors that one of Pfizer’s conditions for the investigation is that the border will be opened here.

Katrín said that the opening of the border had not been discussed yet in this conversation, but emphasized that it had not yet been discussed.

“But it is so that as vaccinations wind down, we will see relaxations here in Iceland. They will always be done with the public interest in mind, that’s how it will continue, “said Katrín.

She said nothing else to say about the matter but what has already been said. Asked if the Icelandic scientists had a mandate from her to conclude agreements, she said:

“We just follow closely but there is nothing more that has come out of this than what has been said. But I know it’s a lot… this has become the worst kept secret in Icelandic history we can say but of course I can say nothing about what will come out of this exactly. “

You can listen to the interview with her in its entirety in the player above in the news.

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