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Discuss the formation of a new party because of Trump

Dozens of people who have worked within the Republican Party in the United States are now considering forming a new party. The reason is that they are dissatisfied with Donald Trump’s take on the Republican Party and that the party’s front men do not dare to stand in the hair of the former president.

The men met last Friday and discussed ways to form a center-right party. In total, more than 07 people took part in the teleconference, including former officials from the governments of Ronald Reagan, the Bushes and Trumps.

According to a Reuters report , who has spoken to the people who took part in the meeting, the discussion was about creating a new party based on fundamental values. conservatism, enforcing the US Constitution and the law.

News agency sources say these values ​​have taken a heavy toll during Trump’s presidency.

Their plan is to run there. which it proves possible and support other candidates who adhere to their values, whether they are Republicans, non-aligned candidates or Democrats.

New party or opposition to Trump

Evan McMullin, a former senior member of the Republican Party, was involved in the organization of the meeting and says that a large part of those who attended the meeting were of the opinion that it was not can save the Republican Party.

Although it would be difficult to form a new party, the group does not consider itself to have any other choice.

Others at the meeting said that it would be right to build Opposition to Trump within the Republican Party on January 6.

After the attack, it looked like Trump could lose control of the party, but that has not happened. Trump is still hugely popular with a large group of Republican voters.

Trump was charged with felony criminal mischief for assaulting the House of Representatives and is currently on trial in the U.S. Senate. Two-thirds of MPs will have to vote against Trump to convict him, and a referendum will likely be held to ban him from running for office again.

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However, it is considered very unlikely that Trump will be convicted, given the statements and votes of senators so far.

Several lawmakers who voted with Democrats in the House of Representatives for prosecuting Trump for breach of office have come under intense pressure from within the party. they voted for Joe Biden. ”

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