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Did not look out for keys

Undoubtedly, a car trip from Turkey to Bergen in Norway requires considerable tolls, which are now in most places collects electronically. Everything can be exaggerated, however, and this truck driver had almost driven the inspector of the Norwegian traffic office down yesterday, as he did not see anything beyond the toll keys, not to mention another that prevented him from seeing, a GPS screen, a flag and a sign with his name. Photo / Statens vegvesen

“This is very dangerous, he sees almost nothing and does not see anything that is five meters away from him,” says Terje Bødtker, inspector of the Norwegian traffic agency Statens vegvesen, who had a lot of fun yesterday where he was while working in Os, south of Bergen.

He then planned to stop a truck to talk to the driver who had loaded so much stuff inside the windscreen that it was obvious that he was creating a great danger on the road. The driver, who was driving from Turkey with goods to Bergen, had pasted up no less than seven toll keys, and a GPS screen, flag and sign with his name further diminished his vision of European roads.

The driver did not notice Bødtker’s inspector and had almost driven him down. “He could have hit me if I had stood where I stood,” says Bødtker in an interview with the Norwegian state radio NRK, but he was forced to call the police and managed to stop the driver.

Had to scrape off the glue He explained that he had been driving the equipment on the window for a long time and it was him Norwegian traffic rules do not tame. “There was so much glue on the inside of the windscreen that he had to use a knife to scrape it off before we let him go,” said Bødtker.

The driver escaped with a complaint from a police inspector . The first offense in this category provides for a driving ban until it has been remedied and the driver did so on the spot. Other offenses are subject to the same conditions, but it is not until the third similar offense that the driver is fined ISK 8. , equivalent to more than 73. 000 Icelandic krónur.

Traffic inspector Terje Bødtker did not bother much yesterday’s danger to life, drivers with gadgets covered by windows are daily bread on Norwegian roads. It is best to make sure you only have space to avoid when drivers do not see the inspectors trying to stop them. Photo / From private collection

Inspector Bødtker considers yesterday’s incident to be hardly special news, it is not even the worst case that has hit their shores members at Statens vegvesen, at least once a month they stop drivers with the windshield covered with gadgets and various decorations.

“This is just part of the working day. You always have to have it behind your ear to have space to avoid, “says traffic inspector Terje Bødtker about the daily reality of his job.



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