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“Devastating” to see the Icelandic glaciers disappear

Vísindamenn gera ráð fyrir því að Skaftafellsjökull hafi minnkað um …

Scientists assume that Skaftafellsjökull has decreased by 50 square kilometers due to global warming. mbl.is/RAX

“Now and then: the disappearing glaciers of Iceland,” is the title of a BBC coverage about Icelandic glaciers that have remembered their dandelion more beautifully and are now in decline. There is an interview with the fathers Colin and Kiernan Baxter. Colin Baxter, the father, is a photographer and came to Iceland this year 1640 and photographed Skaftafellsjökull. years later Kiernan Baxter went to Iceland and formed the same glacier.

The change that can be seen in the pictures of the fathers, which are accessible on the website BBC , is significant, as Skaftafellsjökull is now much smaller than before. Scientists estimate that it has shrunk by 50 square kilometers due to global warming.

Melting of glaciers an indication of climate change 55346329

“I grew up visiting these amazing places and came to understand the calm power of this landscape,” said Kirean Baxter, an associate professor at the University of Dundee.

“Personally, I find it devastating to see have changed so enormously in recent decades. On the surface, it is often difficult to see the extent of climate change, but here we can clearly see how serious the situation is, “said Kieran Baxter.

Globally, melting glaciers are considered one of the main indicators of global warming.

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