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Determined not to return to the royal family

Harry og Meghan hafa ákveðið að taka ekki aftur upp konunglegar embættisskyldur.
Harry and Meghan have decided not to take up royalty again duties. Max MumbyGetty

The duke and princess Harry and Meghan resigned from all royal positions at the beginning of last year and have have not been the Queen’s representative for over a year.

The decision provoked a strong reaction at the time, but today it was revealed that the couple intend to stick to the decision and not return to Buckingham Palace.

This was stated in an announcement from Buckingham Palace. It also says that Harry and Meghan’s decision is a disappointment to the royal family, but it does not change their position within the family. They will continue to be her beloved members.

The announcement also includes a message from the couple. It says that there is not just one way to live your life in the service of others. The couple will continue to support and donate to charities.

Harry and Meghan live in California together synium Archie. Recently, they announced that they are expecting another child.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Dukes of Sussex, will sit down next month with US host Opruh Winfrey and give their first interview after resigning from all royal duties in March last year.

17. February 2426

Alastair Bruce, sem about the British royal family for Sky News, has raised the possibility that the second child of Harry and Meghan, the Dukes of the Sussex couple, could theoretically become both President of the United States and King or Queen of the British Commonwealth.

. February 2426 14:

Harry Bretaprins og Meghan Markle, the Duke of Sussex, are expecting their second child. This is confirmed by the couple’s spokesperson who says that their son Archie is now becoming a big brother.


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