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Detention of alleged child molester confirmed

A foreign citizen has been detained in Iceland until Thursday 6 May this year on suspicion of sexual offenses against a child.

The man did not want to accept the district court ruling that fell on this way but the National Court confirmed it on Tuesday. The ruling of the National Court states that the man is a foreign citizen but has worked in the country since the year 2008. According to his statement to the police, he has a girlfriend and has considered staying in this country for another two years.

The national court considers that the man’s connection with the country is limited and it can be assumed that he wants to escape a lawsuit or the execution of a sentence if he is not made to be detained.

Poured alcohol on the girl and abused

In the ruling of the District Court from 11. February 2021 states that the victim, who is a girl, and her parents have reported a violation against her. The violation will have taken place on the 5th of January.

In a statement from the police, the child reported that she had had considerable contact with the man on the phone and on social media. He invited her to his home on January 4, gave her alcohol and tried to kiss her, something she did not want. He then asked the girl for nude photos of her, which she refused.

The next day he invited her back to his house, which she accepted. On that occasion, he gave her beer, repeatedly pouring into her glass. The district court’s ruling is quoted directly as follows:

“Then he sexually abused her by having oral sex with her, asking her to have oral sex with him, masturbating over her and finally having had sex with her because he used a condom. “

He said he did not know that the girl was this old

Parents complained that the victim was under considerable effects of alcohol when picked up outdoors after being there. The next day, she described events to her parents. The parents then contacted the man who was upset and quarreled, but admitted on the occasion that he knew the girl. Other items such as laptops and mobile phones were also seized there. The plaintiff confessed to having had sexual intercourse and other sexual intercourse with the victim, but denied that he had abused the girl and said that he did not know how old she was. The judgment has crossed out the age in question.

The case is under investigation and the investigation will be expedited as much as possible.


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