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Detected by accident with cancer but the search station did not find the cell changes

Hanna Lind Garðarsdóttir , mother of two, went for a screening at the search center and was informed that no cell changes had been found, but went ahead coincidentally in the meantime also to a gynecologist who diagnosed her with cervical cancer.

“I go to a gynecologist and decided to have him take a cervical sample with me along with to take the loop. “

During the examination, the gynecologist sees a skin flap on the cervix and decides to cut it off and send it for diagnosis.

” Two weeks later I received a call about that cancer cells were found in this. “

Hanna watched her friend Fanney fight the same cancer she died in 2019 , long before age. Hanna and her friends were therefore especially aware of the importance of going for a screening and Hanna says she was a bit shocked and thanks for going to a gynecologist who diagnosed her before the cancer managed to spread around the body.

I received the news by phone

Hanna was getting ready for Christmas and had just visited her grandmother when she received the news about the diagnosis.

“It’s really hard to get this information over the phone because I did not understand what she said.”

Hanna ended up calling back to get more information and subsequently received an e-mail about the next steps and Hanna says that the weekend has been quite a long time and the uncertainty has been uncomfortable.

“Then the doctor calls me on Tuesday afternoon and tells me that no tumor was found, fortunately. “

She is grateful that this was only in the first stage, because then it would still be possible to cure this. Hanna went for a cone incision a week later and then took a two-week wait. After the cone incision, she receives an answer from the Cancer Society’s screening, no cell changes were found. She was shocked, having been diagnosed with cancer and had the disease removed after the sample was taken.

“This is incredibly strange and you naturally get angry about it. “

Should be found immediately

Hanna sent an email to the search station and reported their mistakes and incorrect analysis of the sample. Subsequently, her sample was examined again and she received an e-mail from them half a month later.

“Then they admit that abnormal changes were found in the sample that was taken this November. That there were some cells, or some changes outside the perimeter of the sample as they put it. They felt sorry for them. ”

Hanna experiences anger and uncertainty among the women closest to her. She has good friends who went for an examination at a similar time and got the same results as Hanna from the search station and naturally began to doubt her results and did not trust the system.

“There were changes the second time and it’s so remarkable because we as women should be able to trust that our sample is examined on the first try, that it is examined carefully on the first attempt. You should not have to review it to see the changes. So that’s what struck me most, that there were changes in the audit. It’s so serious, it’s not supposed to be that way. This was just to be found immediately. ”

The cone incision did not turn out to be enough and Hanna had to undergo a hysterectomy, which was another shock to her. You can watch the whole episode in the player below.

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