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Demanding to put one's own interests aside in times of crisis

“It can actually be said that I was on call from 15. December until 9 January. It’s the longest call I’ve ever had. Looking back on those days, I find it easy to be in the rescue effort compared to watching my home be destroyed by a flood. But the rescuer in me leaves the table satisfied. ”

This is what Davíð Kristinsson from the Seyðisfjörður Fire Brigade says, a rescue squad member, hotel operator and father. The house that David and his family lived in was badly damaged in the first flood, and then flooded repeatedly. The house needs to be renovated and is now barely sealed.

It is estimated that it will take years to make it habitable again. In addition, the furniture that was on its first floor is almost completely unused. He says that the big task ahead is to have the house rebuilt and regain the personal security that his own home provides.

“I am very proud of how all the responders in Seyðisfjörður worked together and how much trust there was in between us. Cohesion made the difference during these difficult times and determined the success. I’m also proud of the people of the town. Nothing is being given up here “, says Davíð.

He says that it is a challenging decision to put one’s own interests aside in a time of crisis and it is often difficult for spouses and children to put themselves in these situations. . It is not an easy decision to put your own home and business aside for 20 days due to rescue work. This long call has had its costs, both mentally and physically. He is grateful to the National Association of Firefighters and Ambulancemen for the trauma care that was offered immediately after the call ended. If mental health does not exist, physical health does not matter, says David. It is a great shock to watch nature take over and it is not a given that everyone is alive after such events.

“The cohesion during the disasters and the trauma relief that follows are invaluable factors and make me happy. as part of the call-out team in Seyðisfjörður. “

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