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Darri Freyr: In Vesturbær, people know when the games start to matter

Atli Arason writes

Darri Freyr Atlason was ecstatic with the victory of his disciples in KR in Grindavík in the Dominos men’s division tonight. KR won a good away victory after a loss at home against Keflavík in the last round, but Darri also says that KR-ingar knows when the most important games start; in the finals.

“I’m happy to have finished this. We started especially well offensively as there was a lot of flow and that was what we had to fix after the second half against Keflavík. We responded well to that. Then came a chapter in the second half tonight where I felt we were full of weakness under the basket in the rebounding battle but we always managed to score a match that kept us afloat but then we tightened up the rebounds under rest and sailed this world, “said happy coach of KR at the end of the game.

Jóhann Árni, player of Grindavík, was injured tonight with a cut on his face and the fight under the basket was hard during the season. The players of both teams let the referees hear it several times in the game, but Darra did not find the game tonight unusually rough.

“I thought it was pretty well judged. the conflict was some but nothing too nasty. Just such a normal fight, at least from my point of view. “

There was a very funny incident in the first half when the game was stopped after Darri had kicked a thousand yards into the pitch when his men were in

“I think I took a basket from my team with this,” said Darri, laughing before adding: “I did not know the pen on the floor and accidentally kicked him into the field when Matti was there in an open game against Joonas even, that match-up was rather strange but they manage to fix it because the game is normally stopped when someone kicks a pen into the field. I just have to take those two points to the box, “Darri replied with a big grin.

It is a tight game as before and KR offers a difficult task for the next game when they get the Star to visit.

“The atmosphere for that game is good. We’ve been talking about it since this summer that we’re on a certain road trip, we’re changing a lot of things and in Vesturbær people know when the games start to matter and it’s not quite right away. We’re just going to try to keep up with what we’re doing well and maybe fix these obvious things, whether it’s with some imported workforce or tactical masterpieces, at least we need to stop there and then we’re fine. matters, “said Darri Freyr Atlason, KR coach, finally.


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