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Cyber ​​attack on Siminn

Saturday night . January, Síminn’s television services were disrupted when an unannounced DDoS network attack was carried out on Síminn’s network.

An announcement from Síminn states that there were no disruptions to traditional electronic communications services, but Síminn’s television services were disrupted for more than one year. half an hour. Automatic surveillance systems responded, and Siminn’s technicians and partners began to reduce the impact of the attack and eventually halted its impact. The attack itself continued, however, but Siminn’s systems persisted and ensured that it would not cause further disruption, according to Siminn.


Komust not within Síminn’s defense

“Due to the extent of the attack, it took some time to recover and Síminn apologizes to its customers for the disruption Saturday night.

Subsequently, Siminn will strengthen automatic monitoring systems that respond to attacks such as these in an even more efficient manner. It can be difficult to stifle unannounced attacks like these in a short time, but Siminn will review its external network layer and ensure that as many systems as possible are protected and under the safe protection of firewalls and automatic monitoring systems.

Attackers did not intervene Síminn’s defense and could in no way access Síminn’s data, but was only a distributed cyber attack that caused a great temporary load on Síminn’s system, “says the announcement.

It is also stated that the attack was reported to CERT-IS, the Post and Telecom Administration’s network security team.

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