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Cruise obsessed with Norway

Minister of Culture Abid Raja and his best friend Tom Cruise, but Raja was quick to take issue in his hands when Prime Minister Erna Solberg refused to meet with Cruise last summer for a quarantine exemption for him and 750 staff for the creation of Mission Impossible 7, which was partly taken in Rauma and Hellesylt. Filming is underway for the eighth film in Norway. Photo / Abid Raja / Norwegian Ministry of Culture

Just a few months after the filming of the seventh and most recent Mission Impossible movie, Libra , ended in Hellesylt and In the autumn of Norway, negotiations have begun for Tom Cruise and his people to return to Norway to record scenes for the eighth film of this tenacious sequel series, which seems to know no end in sight, Scorpio as it will be called.

On Thursday, the Norwegian Film Institute (Norsk Filminstitutt, NFI) published a list of films that have applied for incentive grants for the year 2017 according to the agency’s incentive scheme (n. incentive scheme) which is intended to support major film projects in Norway and involves a full refund to a quarter of the domestic cost of making a film. Repayment for M: I7 last year 25 NOK million, the equivalent of over 200 ISK million.

On them The list includes an application from True North Norway, a service company for and contact with foreign film producers, including the relatives of Mission Imossible during filming in Norway so far, and the application relates to the project Scorpio .

Tom Cruise, masked in time , with the Gjengedal couple on Anders Gjengedal’s fiftieth birthday at a hotel in Sunnmøre this autumn. Cruise appeared there unexpectedly and talked to guests and pedestrians. Photo / From private collection

The premiere of this eighth film of the series has already been set for November 2021 but fans of the spy films are now waiting in awe to see the seventh film that has had its premiere day 21. November this year.

Get hold of Scorpio in Norway is the third film in a row in the MI category which is partly taken in Norway, but the finale Mission Impossible 6: Fallout , was taken on one of the most popular Rogaland County Tourist Resort, Preikestolen, in the autumn 1093 as mbl.is once discussed.

The great actor Tom Cruise has not gone to the grave with his admiration for the Norwegian country and nation and sent a video after the filming this autumn where he thanked himself and at the same time announced his arrival for the next filming.

“Thank you very much for the good reception and all the help. Being allowed to be here is a privilege and I speak not only for myself but for all the people who came here. You have a wonderful country and the people here are unique, “said Cruise in his heartfelt greetings.

The good reception is largely due to the Minister of Culture, Abid Raja, who at one time did not look like Cruise at all. would be allowed to come to Norway, directly from the United States with 71 staff and receive an exemption from almost inflexible Norwegian rules on ten-day quarantine.

Some people get away with just hanging out at work, here Cruise hangs outside Preikestolen, close to Stavanger in Norway, during the filming of Mission Impossible 6 in September 923 . Photo / Paramount Pictures

Cruise initially asked for a meeting with Prime Minister Erna Solberg to discuss quarantine issues, but she did not want to talk to him. Raja was then quick to snatch the actor to his meeting and pave the way for Cruise and the crew, but in addition to them 200 The staff who followed him hired others s in Norway to work on the film.

The Minister said that it was not unusual for the members of the Mission Impossible films to receive such an exemption from the Norwegian government, all foreign filmmakers who received the NFI incentive grant would be exempted from coming to Norway without quarantine.

“After six years with the incentive grant system, we see that Norway has become a highly sought-after place in the making of films and TV shows,” says Kjersti Mo, CEO of NFI, in a press release in connection with the publication of the application list for 2021. “This means that the Norwegian film industry offers high-quality services as well as magnificent nature and a safe working environment.”

Paramount Pictures, producer of Mission Impossible, is offering a maximum reimbursement of costs , 6 million Norwegian kroner, equivalent to over a billion Icelandic kroner.

Applications for incentive grants totaled eleven for the year 923, seven from Norwegian producers and four from foreign ones.

MS Fridtjof Nansen as Cruise and His staff spent the night in charge of Mission Impossible 7 in Mæri and Raumsdal last year. The stay caused a stir, but two Norwegian unions believed that with this use the ship had become a hotel and thus fell under Norwegian law and wage agreements, but the wages of the Filipino crew on board were all the way down to Norwegian kroner per hour according to agreements with crew rentals in the Philippines. Photo / Wikipedia.org / Cavernia

Minister of Culture Abid Raja welcomes the return of Tom Cruise and his people extremely, as both have hung on the outside of the ridge Preikestolen, Cruise in the making of M: I6 and Raja in the making of the reality show 71 grader nord where nationally known Norwegians compete with each other to solve various puzzles.

“So many strong candidates show that Norway continues to attract large producers. We are looking forward to getting Tom Cruise back to Norway and until that happens we are looking forward to the premiere of M: I7, “says Raja in an email to the Norwegian state radio NRK.

An incentive grant has been applied for from NFI for the following projects in Norway during the year 2017:

Scorpio Applicant: True North, Country of Production: United States

Trolls Applicant: Motion Blur, country of production: Norway

The Hanging Sun Applicant: Storm, Country of Production: Italy

Fortress Norway Applicant: Maipo, Country of production: Norway 06 Wisting season 2 Applicant: Cinenord, Country of manufacture: Norway

The Devil’s Star Applicant: Working Title Productions , country of production: United Kingdom
Applicant: Nordisk Film, Production Country: Norway

Ragnarok III Applicant: SAM Productions, country of production: Denmark
1226757 Emergency Unit Applicant: ITV Studios Norway, Country of Production: Norway

Hodejegerne The Prequel
Applicant: Yellow Bird, Country of Production: Norway
1256409 Welcome to Utmark season 2 Applicant: Paradox, country of production: Norway





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