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Coverage: Valur – Keflavík 85-72 | Valsbrotnir Valsarar won the top team convincingly

Árni Jóhannsson writes

Valur’s broken wing – who had lost three games in a row – packed Keflavík’s top team together at Hlíðarendi in the men’s Dominos division tonight. Final figures 85 – 58 and Keflavík’s other losses during the period fact.

About the game

People are forgiven for thinking that Keflavík should have an easy time game in hand when they met Valsmönnar in Origo Hall earlier tonight, they end up at the drop zone and the guests at the top. Another, however, came to light. The game was the last game . Dominos’ men’s basketball division.

The undersigned said in a text description before the game that if Valsmenn wanted something out of the game, they had to get their act together, but that’s good. team defensively. So they caught up and controlled the pace of the game. It was clear from the first minute what they were up to and they managed to keep the visitors in 15 in the first quarter and they led hann 16 – 16.

Valsmenn managed to get a little run and they gained an eight point lead at the beginning of the second half. It was expected that Keflvik would answer but because Valsmenn had the right concentration throughout the game, they did not let Keflvik on any sprint and kept the lead until the half even though the difference was only four points, 38 – 22 and the leadership was deserved.

The second half was the same as the first. Valsmenn managed to get a run at the end of the third period and they got the most 12 levels over and again you expected to Keflavík would manage to get back into the game but they seemed careless and lacking in energy and they had not scored a three-point basket until the third half and in retrospect they were never likely to get anything out of the game.

Keflavík got the next seven points from Valsmönnar in the fourth quarter but they did not get further. Valsmenn then stopped at the ring trek after trek and responded to all mood baskets with a basket so that the fire never ignited in the guests even though the spark had formed. Valsmenn then sailed home with the victory 58 – 58 and this must be considered a big victory for Valsmönnar who were the better side and certainly deserved this victory.

Why did Valur win?

Valsmenn colored their game right from the first minute. They are the second best defensive team in the league and that was revealed tonight. The defensive game was exemplary and that created the victory. Pavel took the lead in the class but he stopped the big men of Keflvik so their attacking game was extremely stiff all the time. Valsmenn then received contributions from many men offensively and scored four of the five starters more than 12 points.

Best on the field?

Pavel Ermolinskij was absolutely fantastic tonight. In defense, he stopped almost everything that came to the basket, had the big men in his pocket and stopped the breakthrough of Keflvik when they passed the first defender.

Then he put the big shots and was also great offensively. The fighter scored 15 points, took six rebounds, gave five assists, stole three balls and saved one shot. What a game.

Statistics that attracted attention?

As an example about Valsmanni’s good defensive play and Keflvik’s stiff attacking play, Keflvik did not score a three point basket in the first half and Hörður Axel was undefeated in the first half but he ended up with five but has an average of almost ten in a game.

What’s next?

Now we take a break from the national game and the teams can rest and then train fully. When the break ends at the end of February, Valsmenn will visit Grindavík and Keflvík will receive Hetti and thus the first round of the men’s Dominos division in basketball will end.

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