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Coverage and interviews: Tindastóll – Grindavík 88-81 | The chairs are getting stronger at home

Tindastóll won its last two home games before the national break in the men’s Domino’s division. The chairs were better against Grindavík at home tonight, 88 – 81, but this was the third loss of the visitors from Grindavík in a row.

The teams were tied in the first minutes but the Chairs were six points ahead after the first half. They seemed to be getting a good lead in the second half but the visitors from Grindavík were not far behind.

Grindvík put in a good effort to stay in the game. Despite the rush of the Chairs in the second half, Grindavík managed to reduce the difference to four points before half time but then there were games 44 – 40.

The second half developed similarly to the first. The chairs were in the lead but the guests from Grindavík were never far behind. However, it was the locals who ended up better, 88 – 81, and are waking up to life at home.

Why did Tindastóll win?

The victory was really deserved. Tindastóll actually led the whole game and despite the enthusiasm and diligence of Grindvík, they lost tonight. They met better in their three-point shots and defended the lead well when the visitors chased them.

Who stood out?

Nikolas Tomsick was the highest scorer in the Tindastól team. He had points, four rebounds and seven assists. Shawn Derrick Glover was also powerful with nineteen points, twelve rebounds and four assists.

The guest captain Ólafur Ólafsson led his team. He scored sixteen points, while newcomer Marshall Lance Nelson had the highest score with nineteen points and four rebounds. Þorleifur Ólafsson added fifteen points and seven assists.

What went wrong?

Grindavík was chasing the game in actually the whole game. In the fourth quarter, when they needed a run, they did not make a basket for more than three minutes. Of course, it is not promising for a team that is chasing the game. They then fired only 22% in the 36 three-point shots they fired.

What happens next?

National game break. After a fairly tight schedule recently, the teams now get a little break, or that is to say the players who are not in the national team. The teams’ next games are; Pinnacle chair against Stjarnan 25. February and Grindavík against Val the same day.

Endless games and no training

“We were tight defensively. There were bad chapters but it happens. We made a lot of open shots and felt we should score more than 88 points is fine, “said Baldur Þór Ragnarsson, coach of Tindastól, at the end of the game.

He says that it simply takes a while to play the team together and it comes slowly. There is no stress in Sauðárkrókur.

“People are still playing together. There are endless games and no practice. This is step by step. I was happy with the game. I would have liked to work bigger but I am very happy to work. “

Arrived in Borgarnes and was taught the systems along the way

“I thought we played well. We just met nothing. These were galloping shots but we did not meet today while they met from everything, “said Ólafur Ólafsson, captain of Grindavík.

When asked if Grindavík was biased in the refereeing, Ólafur answered :

“No, nothing more. You were disappointed not to get the same errors on both sides, but you should not be annoyed by this. They do not see everything. “

He says that the new Australian has met them in Borgarnes.

” He has just returned from quarantine. It was burned with him from the quarantine and he met us in Borgarnes. We’re waiting for him there. He was taught the systems along the way but he looks good. ”

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