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Coverage and interviews: KR – Stjarnan 100-91 | Amazing first part of a welcome victory

The division and cup champions of Stjarnan had to accept a loss, 100 – 73, when they visited KR in a big game 10. traffic Domino’s men’s division. KR won its second home victory of the season.

KR goes on the national game holiday with 12 points in 4th place, two points behind Stjarnan and four points behind the top team of Keflavík.

KR laid the foundation the victory with an amazing first half that the team won 28 – 12.

KR-ingar started the game with great power and scored 28 points in the first half against only 12 from Stjarnan. Jakob Örn Sigurðarson and Helgi Már Magnússon were hot outside the three-point line, like others in the KR team, and throughout the first half the shots fell from there rather than not.

KR with more rebounds in the first half and Arnar punched a sign

But no matter where the killings are regarding KR in the first half, the team was all at full throttle and as prominent as Tyler Sabin has been this winter, he was just one of many who got involved.

The locals were also very good on the toes in the defense and Stjarnan seemed to have a lot of trouble with find answers. It was best for Ægir Þór Steinarsson to punish the KR-ings with his speed when he shot forward the field, but otherwise it was up to ten for the black and whites in the first half.

The half finished with a gorgeous three-point basket by Björn Kristjánsson from his own three-point line and Stjörnumenn seemed half-frozen. The basket can be seen below.

KR-ings got the most 24 score an advantage in the game, 39 – 12. Stjarnan’s coach Arnar Guðjónsson tried his best to ignite a spark in his team and gradually began to show more fighting spirit in the team, which still allowed the short team of locals to take more rebounds in the first half. The disappointment only increased with each three-point shot that went into the basket at KR and at one point Arnar clenched his fist and punched in a billboard, although he did not actually mention it in an interview after the game.

In the last minute of the first half, however, things finally fell apart with the All-Stars and they managed to close the gap in 16 points before the break, 58 – 39.

Great excitement for the final part

The star started his run very early in the third part and Arnþór Freyr Guðmundsson had his part in reducing the difference quickly with a good income, but he scored 12 points in the game. The All-Stars were far crueler than at the beginning of the game and gradually ate up the lead, so that for the final quarter only three points were needed, 70 – 58.

Even though Stjarnan had started to breathe down KR’s neck, it did not happen blame and they kept the bullet. They were all ready to take the important shots when everything was under control, and put them down. The difference was four points with just over four minutes left, but Brandon Nazione, who had a great game, put down an important basket, followed by threes from Matthías Orri Sigurðarson and Sabin, and finally Jakob, who made it through the game.

Why did KR win?

The team fought with their mouths and claws the whole game and not just in the second half, and the three-point shots went down often enough. At a critical moment in the local section, it turned out that there are plenty of leaders in the KR team who feel responsible.

What went well?

It went brilliantly well for the KR-ers to meet in the basket and they put down 15 of 31 his three-point shots but Stjarnan af 31. Then they took 22 rebounds against 18 The star in the first half when they laid the foundation for the victory.

What went wrong?

The All-Stars came to the game, no matter what, and got into a chase game that was too long. When the greatest energy was in the KR defense in the first half, or especially in the first half, Stjarnan did not get anywhere.

What next?

Now there is a national game break but two Stars, Tómas Þórður Hilmarsson (who actually played little or nothing tonight) and Gunnar Ólafsson go with the national team to Kosovo. Stjarnan’s next game is against Tindastóli 24. February but KR brings ÍR home the same evening.

Ægir: Unforgivable to show up like this here

“It was just a deep hole, to begin with. We were not sharp in the beginning, we got offensive rebounds, let people pass and in galloping shots, and so on, “said Ægir Þór Steinarsson Star.

” We somehow found the steam and we reduced this to a regular game, but then we took our foot off the gas and allowed them to do their offensive and defensive, which made this game difficult, “said Ægir. But what explains Stjarnan’s performance in the first half?

“There is no explanation for that. It’s just unforgivable to show up like that here. They got into such “moments” and it was a very short time that they were gaining this advantage, because it was a relatively equal game in the first minutes, “said Jakob.

The difference was only three points for the final part after Stjarnan’s great comeback, but the team did not get further.

“I do not know if this is psychological. We won the game back and the “moment” was with us, which maybe made us feel like we had the game. We should have had our foot on the gas, but instead it fell to them and that is to their credit. “

The star now goes to the national game break two or four points behind the top team of Keflavík who plays for Val tomorrow.

“This has been unstable for us, which is maybe just normal. We’re having a good time now. I have full faith that we will be able to grind this together and work as one machine, “said Ægir about Stjarnan’s playing so far.


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