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Coverage and interviews: Höttur – Haukar 90-84 | Hattar's third home win in a row leaves Haukur alone at the bottom

Gunnar Gunnarsson writes

Höttur left Haukur alone in the bottom of the Domino’s men’s basketball division with 88 – victory when the teams met at Egilsstaðir tonight. Hattarmenn proved to be stronger in the last minute in an even game.

The Hawks started better and swine from their shots for the first seven minutes. After that, Hafnfjörður had only missed two shots and put down five three-point shots. The home team took a break and tightened the defense a bit but did not manage to cut significantly the advantage that was – 11 after the first

As the second half progressed, the table turned. The Hawks did not meet anything but everything went downhill with the Hatters. They got over 33 – 30 by scoring three three-point baskets in a row. The Hawks had a hard time with the American Michael Mallory, but only managed to slow down Hattar’s crawl before the whistle was blown for half time. Then the situation was 50 – 44.

This difference remained fairly constant in the second half, when Hattarmenn probably did their best to widen it, Haukar put it down important shots. The Hawks also went into a man-to-man defense where Emil Barja took it upon himself to cover Mallory and it went well. The visitors managed to equalize twice, once in the third period and once in the fourth, before they finally got over to 50 – 82 when 2: Minutes left.

Hattarmenn equalized immediately in the next attack from the penalty spot and got into 084 – 83 before the visitors reduced the difference from a penalty. The Hawks had an attack but the ball went out and the locals were awarded it immediately 32 seconds were left. The hat-trick went on the offensive and the ball went down to David Guardia in the right corner who put down a three-point shot already seconds were left on the clock.

The Hawks went on the attack but lost the ball, Sigurður Gunnar Þorsteinsson threw himself down on him, shoveled it to Matej Karlovic who fired up and sealed Hattar’s victory. The Hawks got an attack with seven seconds left but it went wild.

Micahel Mallory was Hetti’s top scorer with . Sigurður Gunnar Þorsteinsson scored 11 and took . At Haukur, Hasle Anencia scored 22 points and Ingvi Þór Guðmundsson Why did Höttur win?

The game was won in the second half, Höttur came over with three three-point baskets in row and scored total 32 points in the game against 11)) Hauka. After that, the guests always had to chase.

What went well?

Really little, it was not a fabulous basketball game for anyone, neither the team nor the referees who seemed to allow quite a hard game after the half. Players like Mallory, Sigurður Gunnar from Hetti and Hansel had good sprints.

David Guardia can be happy after the night, he had the big shot that almost sealed Hattar’s victory, scored 17 points in total, many of them at key moments. Ingvi Þór Guðmundsson continued Haukaliðið, met well in the beginning and showed courage in keeping the team afloat.

What went wrong?

Hattar’s defense in the first half, Haukur’s defense and attack in the second half.

What next?

Höttur got up from the drop zone with the victory and leaves Haukur alone at the bottom with four points, but the teams were even before the evening. Ahead is a national game break, Höttur starts after that in Keflavík but Haukar gets Þór Akureyri to visit. It will be another four-point game for the Hafnarfjörður team in the relegation battle.

David Guardia: We had to hold on to this victory

The Spaniard David Guardia had a great day when Höttur won Haukur 90 – 84 tonight. David scored 14 points, many at important moments, such as when he put down a three-point shot and brought the team in 84 – with half a minute left.

“It was amazing to see him fall, but the most important thing was that we won the game. This is my biggest score this winter needed for confidence, but the most important thing is to help the team. “

The Hawks were eight points ahead after the first half but Höttur sailed ahead in the next and then remained largely in the lead. “The first rebound in the second half and the attack in the second half was what turned the game in our favor.”

After a difficult start, Höttur has won three of the last four games. “I think the spiritual side has changed, how we approach the games, how we play solid defense and finish the attack.

If we continue to play sensibly, we win games, then we see how many of them will decide whether we just stay in the league or get to the finals. “

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The Domino’s basketball leagues are on Station 2 Sport but information on broadcasts can be found here 20210211. The Domino’s League is part of

Station 2 Sport Iceland which costs 3. 990 ISK per month, but you can also buy broadcasts as a single event 767 ISK.




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