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Coverage and interviews: Grindavík – KR 83-95 | Powerful victory KR

Atli Freyr Arason writes

The visitors from Vesturbær started this game better by putting down the first 8 points of the game. The brothers Matthías Orri and Jakob Örn Sigurðarsonir led their team in the beginning but together they all did 12 points KR first half of the first half.

The biggest difference was between the teams 12 points in the first half, in position 6 – 13. It was then that Grindavík came to the game and put some points on the table but KR won the first half 13 – ()) Grindavík continued in the second half as they finished the first. The locals managed to reduce the difference to one point in 19 – 21 when little was done in the second half. It was the story of this game in front of that the teams took turns to bring good sections because KR next increased the lead to 6 points before Grindavík cut the lead back down and got over for the first time in the game, in the position 29 – 19. After that, everything was in the irons and the teams almost took turns putting down baskets, but KR did a bit more and the teams went to the locker room in the situation 29 –

The game continued to be even in the third part of the game but as before it was the visitors who were always one step ahead. KR had the best run in the game when they put down 7 points in a row against the unusually weak defensive game of the home team. Grindvík, however, managed to make good use of their three-point attempts in the third period and ended up losing it by only one point, 21 – 19. The position for the locale part was therefore 62 – 62.

The final part was completely owned by KR. They got an easy shot which they used well but at the same time Grindvík were losing the ball clumsily. After the game had been exciting up front, all the tension went out of it in the last part of the game. KR got the most in 13 points advantage but least the difference went down to 5 points. Darri could therefore allow smaller prophets to spray themselves in the fourth quarter, but the entire KR substitutes’ bench got playing time tonight except for one player. It so happened that KR won points victory, 83 – 95.

Why did KR win?

KR-ers shot well tonight. They did well to put down a push and did a total of 45 points from three-point experiments, 18 points better than Grindvík from the same area.

What went wrong?

In the same way, Grindvík gave the visitors far too many open shots outside the tee. Grindavík’s defensive game has often been better than tonight.

Who stood out?

Tyler Sabin was the top scorer tonight as so often before this time with 27 points, as well as giving 5 assists and taking 5 rebounds. Matthías Orri also had a very good game with 21 points despite taking almost half as many shots as Sabin. Matti also gave 5 assists and took 4 rebounds. In the guest team, Kristinn Pálsson was the leader among peers with 18 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists.

What happens next?

The guests from the western towns have a difficult task ahead of them when they get Stjarnan to visit next Thursday. Grindavík, on the other hand, has a long journey ahead of them, but they visit Tindastól in Sauðárkrókur the same day.

Darri Freyr: in Vesturbær knows people when the games start to matter

“I’m glad I’m done with this. We started especially well offensively as there was a lot of flow and that was what we had to fix after the second half against Keflavík. We responded well to that. Then came a chapter in the second half tonight where I felt we were full of weakness under the basket in the rebounding battle but we always managed to score a match that kept us afloat but then we tightened up the rebounds under rest and sailed this world, “said happy coach of KR, Darri Freyr Atlason, in an interview after the game.

Jóhann Árni, player of Grindavík, was injured tonight with a cut on his face and the fight under the basket was hard during a period. The players of both teams let the referees hear it a few times in the game, but Darra did not find the game tonight unusually rough.

“I thought it was pretty well judged. the conflict was some but nothing too nasty. Just such a normal fight, at least from my point of view. “

There was a very funny incident in the first half when the game was stopped after Darri had kicked a thousand yards into the pitch when his men were in

“I think I took a basket from my team with this,” said Darri and laughs before adding “I did not know the pen on the floor and kicked he accidentally entered the field when Matti was there in an open game against Joonas even, that match-up was rather strange but they manage to fix it because the game is normally stopped when someone kicks a pen into the field. I just have to take those two points to the box, “Darri replied with a big grin.

It is a tight game as before and KR offers a difficult task for the next game when they get the Star to visit.

“The atmosphere for that game is good. We’ve been talking about it since this summer that we’re on a certain road trip, we’re changing a lot of things and in Vesturbær people know when the games start to matter and it’s not quite right away. We’re just going to try to keep up with what we’re doing well and maybe fix these obvious things, whether it’s with some imported workforce or tactical masterpieces, at least we need to stop there and then we’re fine. matters, “said Darri Freyr Atlason, coach of KR, in the end.

Daníel Guðni Guðmundsson: I would be willing to be with a complete playmaker

“They fully deserved this victory. They played much better than us here tonight, “said Daníel Guðni Guðmundsson, Grindavík’s coach, in an interview after the game before he added:

” We started scary and they went on song and got a lot of open three-point attempts and speed bumps, it knocked us out of the song. We work our way back into this and just start throwing the ball more into the tee and doing those things well. So in the second half we start the third half again very badly and it showed a bit of a character like that. It was all very bad and bad. “

Grindavík’s team was exactly the team that started the games by far the best. Daniel was asked why the start of the team was declining and whether a tight game program played something into it.

“There are all teams playing this tight program, there is no one excuse it. I would love to have a game manager who is complete to manage the game better, especially in the beginning. Kiddi has still solved this role very well, despite being perhaps not a play director by nature. We need more balance in our game, more toughness and just doing it properly because we did not do it properly here tonight, “answered Daníel

Dagur Kár’s injuries are worse than they looked out in the beginning but there could still be some time in him.

“We take this week from week and we see how the national game break goes into him. It is hoped that he will be healed as soon as possible, “said Daníel when asked about the situation on Degi.

Jóhann Árni Ólafsson was injured tonight but hopefully should not be too long from competition.

“It was an eyebrow cut, it’s just a classic. Hopefully this will not be serious. “

Grindavík has a long journey north of Sauðárkrókur and after the loss tonight, Daníel is especially excited for the next game.

“I’m always excited to play basketball. Especially against good teams, when we get to compete against them. They got hit last night and they obviously want to sign it, just like us after our performance here tonight, “said Daníel Guðni Guðmundsson, Grindavík’s coach, finally.

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