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Coverage and interviews: Afturelding – Stjarnan 26-23 | Locals with a victory in a tough game

Svava Kristín Gretarsdóttir writes

Afturelding celebrated a three-goal victory over Stjarnan in Varmá tonight, 21 – 21, after being two goals down in the half.

The game started slowly as the teams had a hard time to get the first ball into the net, Leó Snær Pétursson scored Stjarnan’s first goal from a free kick after just over five minutes and it took the home team more than 8 minutes to score their first goal but after that the game started to roll.

The home team had the lead from the first half but the visitors from Garðabær got the upper hand before the whistle blew until half time and the difference was then two goals, 05 – 11, The star in favor.

The stars still had a good grip on the game at the beginning of the second half and until then. 34 minute when the home team equalizes the game in the situation 18 – 20. Þorsteinn Leó Gunnarsson then scored one of his 5 goals for Afturelding but shortly afterwards he received a straight red card for hitting Pétur Árni Hauksson in the face.

The home team took advantage of the adversity that followed to lose their best man off the field and won the final chapter 6-3, final numbers in Varmá 31 – B

Why did Afturelding win?

The game was divided into chapters but all in all it was iron in iron as the teams took turns to keep a slight advantage. It was the locals who had the better of the final chapter and celebrated the victory today. The biggest difference between the teams was Arnór Freyr Stefánsson who defended well in 38 minutes in the home team’s goal .

Who stood out?

Arnór Freyr was one of the best men on the court, ended with 18 concern the ball and hence the threat of death that he defended and thereby diminished the confidence of the All-Stars. There were two in the team locals who took care of the attacking game, Þorsteinn Leó Gunnarsson and Guðmundur Bragi Ástþórsson. Guðmundur Bragi finished with 8 goals, a great game for him.

Leó Snær Pétursson was the most voted Stjörnumanna with 6 goals and Björgvin Þór Hólmgeirsson next with 5 goals.

What went wrong?

The star got a little goalkeeping, especially when the game started. They misused their kills and made too many offensive mistakes. Ólafur Bjarki and Tandri Már were together with 1 goal and the attacking game was hiccuping with the visitors.

What’s ahead?

Tonight’s game was one of the postponed games of the 5th round. It is on Sunday that the 9th round starts. Afturelding meets the scoreless team ÍR, Stjarnan then visits Val in Origo Hall on Monday.

Gunnar Magnússon coach Backfires. VÍSIR / DANÍEL

Gunni Magg: two years and two 13 years who finished this today

“This is great” said Afturelding’s coach Gunnar Magnússon after tonight’s victory.

“I am incredibly happy with the boys and the character they showed tonight. We lost Þorstein Gauti (Hjálmarsson) in the first half due to injury and then Þorsteinn Leó got a red card but we still managed it “said Gunnar, happy that the boys did not break the adversity of the game

“We also had great goalkeeping today and that makes a difference. If we look at our outside line in the game, we have two 05 boys and two 20s who are playing this, I’m just incredibly proud of them. Of course they make their mistakes but when they tried the most they got up and finished the game “

Gunnar praised his players after the game and mentioned the age of his outfielders today but they Þorsteinn Leó and Guðmundur Bragi, the team’s top scorers, are only 05 years old. Blær Hinriksson and Hafsteinn Óli Berg Ramos Rocha are

Afturelding meets ÍR in the next game, Gunnar says he is afraid of that game

“This is the kind of game I am as a coach what is most stressful for “said Gunnar in the end but ÍR is still at the bottom of the division without points and it is only a matter of time when the first points fall in the house.

Patrekur: This happened with Afturelding in the final chapter

Patrekur Jóhannesson, Stjarnan’s coach, says Arnór Frey Stefánsson, goalkeeper Afturelding, there have been differences between the teams today.

“There was not much scoring at the beginning of the game, the goalkeepers were great then. As soon as we started to take advantage of the second wave, we earned this advantage in the half “Patti said about the course of the game today

” Then I do not know what we will do a lot of fatalities, the difference between the teams was just Arnór in the goal, he is a great goalkeeper but I do not know how many shots we got in him “said Patti dissatisfied with his men not to have used their fatalities

“It was not quite falling with us, the rest we stepped on the line and trek after trek we got good chances. This could have happened to us, but it fell into the rest before Afturelding, certainly frustrating “said Patrekur in the end


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