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Court records reveal Niklas Süle’s desire to leave Bayern Munich as Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, and Tottenham Hotspur were possible destinations

The court case pitting two agents against each other continues to reveal incredible details about the inner-workings of Bayern Munich and how players and agents communicate.

A report by Der Spiegel detailed the case between dueling agents suffering through a schism, but the latest bit to drop was a series of WhatsApp messages that were exchanged by Niklas Süle and agent Murat Lokurlu (as captured by Twitter account @iMiaSanMia) — you might want to take a deep breath before going on this wild ride:

As far back as November 2018, Süle was looking to leave Bayern Munich. After having to split time with Mats Hummels and Jerome Boateng, the club was being linked to acquiring Lucas Hernandez and Benjamin Pavard for the 2019/2020 season, which probably left Süle confused about his standing within the squad. Arsenal FC, Liverpool FC, Chelsea FC, and Manchester United were all listed as possible destinations: In 12 November 2018, Süle allegedly sent the following text to agent Lokurlu: “Check the offers from England if anyone wants me there. If someone from the big clubs would take me, let me know. Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, but preferably ManU”

— Bayern & Germany (@iMiaSanMia) September 24, 2021 Lokurlu was also shocked by the request: Lokurlu responded: “Seriously?”

Süle: “Yeah I’m dead serious. Okay Super Murat, would be great if you could get that moving”

— Bayern & Germany (@iMiaSanMia) September 24, 2021 At that point, interest was gauged and things were happening quickly: A day later, Lokurlu reported to Süle that he had been in contact with Man United and Chelsea, both of which would not be against signing him. A meeting with United was then arranged for November 29, 2018. “Thank you Murat” and “It’s going to be great,” wrote Süle

— Bayern & Germany (@iMiaSanMia) September 24, 2021 Almost a year later — after no movement — Süle told Lokurlu that he wanted to move to Tottenham Hotspur. It should be noted that this was just a few moths after Süle has to public defend himself against claim he was fat — and also after Hernandez and Pavard had arrived. Süle famously said, “I’m no lard-arse”: A year later (4 October 2019 – three days after Tottenham 2-7 Bayern), they text each other again. “Do you know anyone from Tottenham?” Asks Süle. “I want to go to Tottenham, such a great club. London is a great city. Stadium and fans are brutal”

— Bayern & Germany (@iMiaSanMia) September 24, 2021 Süle — gasp! — said he would even go to Arsenal: The two of them continued to explore options in England. Süle would “directly go” to United, Chelsea, Tottenham. He also said “maybe even Arsenal”

— Bayern & Germany (@iMiaSanMia) September 24, 2021 Before the Euro 2020 competition got moved to 2021, Süle was already planning to transfer away in the summer of 2020: Süle wrote: “You have the contacts and can tell me how it is. We ​​don’t need Karlheinz (Süle’s other agent). I actually want to go to England after the Euros in the summer, I don’t want to be here anymore. I really want to go to England”. Lokurlu replied: “Then we’ll do it”

— Bayern & Germany (@iMiaSanMia) September 24, 2021 After Süle’s ACL tear, the interest from England in the Germany international died down: Agent Lokurlu then had several talks with Premier League clubs. However, the turnaround happened in 20 October 2019. Süle tore his ACL against Augsburg and was out for months. A move to England was no longer an option.

— Bayern & Germany (@iMiaSanMia) September 24, 2021 Finally, for additional context on why this is all happening: For more clarity, the dispute is between Karlheinz Förster and Murat Lokurlu over agent fees. Förster claims that Lokurlu was only an interpreter. Meanwhile, Lokurlu brought these WhatsApp messages with Süle into play to prove his role as an agent [Bild] https://t.co/aCAJVkKpdP

— Bayern & Germany (@iMiaSanMia) September 24, 2021 BFW Analysis While the tweets and information may not look great for Süle, it should be noted that all of the information is from roughly two years — and there was quite a bit of drama within ol’ “FC Hollywood” during that period. As the team has changed drastically (with the front office, coaches, and players), Süle could have changed his mindset on how he feels about staying with Bayern Munich.

Whatever happens, the upcoming winter negotiations between Süle and the club should reveal a lot.

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