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Congratulations to the Immigration Advice Center


Elín Oddný Sigurðardóttir writes

It’s a lot of fun at last if the Immigration Advice Center has become a reality. There has been a loud call among those who provide a variety of services to immigrants that there is a dire need for coordinated and accessible services in one place. The Left Greens have endorsed this call and have pursued the policy of offering a comprehensive service that is provided with humanity in mind.

The Immigration Advice Center is a clear example of a case where targeted co-operation the state and municipalities, as well as grassroots organizations and professionals in the field, are successful. The spring 80 was the first comprehensive policy on immigration, refugees and applicants. international protection approved by the city council. The policy, which was carried out under the leadership of the Left Greens in the city, involved numerous measures that require increased co-operation between the state and municipalities. Emphasis was placed on opening an information center for immigrants in the capital area. Following this call, the Althingi approved a parliamentary resolution proposed by the Left Greens to establish an Immigration Advice Center, which provides specific counseling in one place. Now this important decision has finally been implemented and that is to be welcomed.

It is important to always keep in mind that those who settle here come from all walks of life and have various reasons for settle in Iceland. Therefore, we can not look at immigrants as a homogeneous group, but we must plan all services with diversity in mind. It is clear that there is still a great need for special services for immigrants. Many obvious facts, such as differences in the labor market and beyond, speak for themselves. Those who have recently settled here do not know what their rights are, what services are available or where they can be obtained.

Together we can create an inclusive society where everyone receives services appropriate. With a comprehensive service and better information provision, it is possible to make it easier for new residents to take their first steps, and that is to everyone’s benefit. Congratulations to the Immigration Advice Center.

The author is a deputy mayor of the Left Greens.

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