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Collection for Freyja's children and family

Fundraising begins to support the family and children of Freyja Egilsdóttir Mogensen who was murdered in the town of Malling in Jutland in early February. Her two young children are in safe hands with family members in Denmark, according to the Danish police.

“It has been decided to start a collection for a family and the children of Freyja, who died horribly in Denmark just over a week ago. I want to encourage all of you to help if you can and spread this as widely as possible. Let’s all try to support her family in this horrible tragedy, “says Jónína.

She encloses her ID number and account information, but the account is registered to Dísa María, Freyja’s sister, and can be seen below.

It has been decided to start a collection for Freyja’s family and children, who died horribly in Denmark …

Posted by Jónína Eyvindsdóttir on Monday, February 8, 2021

Flemming Mogensen Freyja’s grandfather has reportedly police confessed to killing her. In the year he was sentenced to ten years in prison for killing his second grandmother.

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