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Check authorizations to fine those who pick up passengers

The police consider it worthwhile to examine the authority to impose fines on those who pick up arriving passengers at Keflavík Airport. 90 Pick up passengers at the airport last weekend.

Everyone who comes to the country must undergo double screening and quarantine. It has been reported that people are not staying in the building where they informed the government that they were going to quarantine.

“We believe that there are some cases where this has occurred. That people have been deliberately misleading the government, or such indications of that, “says Jón Pétur Jónsson, chief of police at the border department of the National Commissioner of Police.

On average, about 170 passengers 170 come to Iceland every day. The incidence of infection is among the lowest in Iceland, which many people owe to strict rules at the border. The National Commissioner of Police is currently working on an analysis to prevent weaknesses in the current system. There are rumors that people pick up passengers at Kelfavík Airport, which is against the rules.

“The police have a presence in the arrivals hall and talk to people who have arrived there and are informing about these rules that apply to quarantine from the border post. This weekend we were talking about 90 cases where individuals had explicitly come to pick up passengers. “

Some say they are going to quarantine with the passengers which they download. However, the police are concerned that many do not comply and that infection could thus spread to the community.

Jón Pétur says that he is examining the veracity of the passengers’ statements about where they intend to stay and sending them to can not provide a place to stay to stay in an epidemic, as the epidemiologist has said.

“It may well be necessary to go further in this matter and examine the authority to apply the fines that pick up passengers, “says Jón Pétur.

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