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Casemiro Joins Marbella FC Board

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Since 2022, Casemiro is a key player for Manchester United. But now, his future with the team is not certain after a tough season.

As people guess where he will go next, the Brazilian midfielder has taken a new job off the field.

He joined the board of directors at Marbella FC, a Spanish team in the fourth tier.

Casemiro has also become a shareholder at the club, showing he’s really behind Marbella’s big plans for the future.

Marbella FC announced Casemiro’s new position through social media, expressing excitement about his involvement.

“The enthusiasm and commitment that Casemiro shows with the Marbella project is evident with his incorporation into the club’s shareholding structure,” the club stated.


They emphasized that his appointment marks a historic opportunity for the club to advance its institutional and sporting strategy in elite football.

Casemiro himself spoke about his new role, highlighting his motivation and the growth potential he sees in Marbella FC.

“It is an honour for me to join Marbella because my greatest motivation is the spectacular growth possibilities of the club,” he said.

He also shared his ambitious vision for the team’s future:

“Without a doubt, together we will dream big to take Marbella to the top, but now we have to enjoy our wonderful promotion.”

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His decision to invest in Marbella FC is personal as well as professional.

“I have been to Marbella with my family on several occasions, and both my children, my wife, and I are in love with this city, with which we want to be connected for life,” Casemiro added.

He expressed his desire to see Marbella FC reach new heights, saying,

“No doubt, together we will dream big to take Marbella to the highest, but now we have to enjoy our wonderful ascent to Primera.”


Casemiro’s next steps at Manchester United are unclear.

After a tough season and missing the FA Cup win over Manchester City because of an injury, there are whispers he might leave.

Some think he could go to the Saudi Pro-League, with Al-Nassr seen as a possible new team.

His old teammate from Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo, is said to have talked to him about moving to the Saudi club.

At 32, Casemiro might be looking for one final lucrative move before retiring.

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The allure of the Saudi Pro-League, where many players have found significant financial rewards, could be a tempting option.

However, his recent investment in Marbella FC suggests he is also planning for a future beyond his playing career.

In conclusion, while Casemiro’s tenure at Manchester United is uncertain, his new role at Marbella FC shows his commitment to the sport and his vision for the future.

Whether he stays at Manchester United or moves to Saudi Arabia, his involvement with Marbella FC indicates a long-term plan to influence football beyond his active playing days.

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