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Car driven to the emergency exit of Vínbúðarinn in Hafnarfjörður


Vínbúðin í Helluhrauni í Hafnarfirði. Vínbúðin í Helluhrauni í Hafnarfirði.

The wine shop in Helluhraun in Hafnarfjörður. Ja.is

A car was driven to the closed emergency exit of Vínbúðarinn in Helluhraun in Hafnarfjörður shortly after eleven o’clock this morning.

This is confirmed by Sigrún Ósk Sigurðardóttir, Deputy CEO of ÁTVR, in a conversation with Vísi.

She says that an ambulance was requested and that the driver was given support while waiting for him.

According to the fire chief, the call was received at and two ambulances were sent to the scene. The condition of the driver is not known.


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