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Brendan Rodgers philosophy fulfils Ed Woodward wish at Manchester United – Manchester Evening News

Manchester United are sticking by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as the pressure mounts on the manager, but despite their loyalty there can be no ignoring the uncomfortable problems that remain unsolved.

It was back in July when Solskjaer was rewarded with a new long-term contract at United. And while he doesn’t looking like outlasting the three-year extension right now, Ed Woodward took the opportunity to praise the Norwegian for fulfilling club traditions with his style of play.

“What is especially pleasing is the way this progress has been achieved with a blend of young, homegrown talent and top-class recruits, playing attacking football in the best traditions of Manchester United,” the departing executive vice-chairman said.

United are still backing Solskjaer despite the poor start to the season but there can be no ignoring the elephant in the room in regards to his long-term future and suitability to take the club to the next level.

The 48-year-old has by no means been a failure at Old Trafford, but after stabilising the squad and laying such impressive foundations it is time for someone else in a similar mould to fine tune the parts which are already in place.

Brendan Rodgers is currently the favourite to replace Solskjaer should there be any managerial change. Despite his previous allegiance to Liverpool, his own footballing philosophy appears to be similar to the one which Woodward outlined a preference for in the summer.

“The football philosophy is very much about positive football,” Rodgers stated during his time at Swansea.

“If you want to define it: we like to play attacking creative football but always with a tactical discipline. The template for all of our work is our organisation.”

Anyone who has ever watched a Rodgers team will be able to vouch for their attacking flair, as demonstrated in Leicester’s 4-2 win over United just last month, while his added tactical nous could transform the talented players that could be at his disposal should he come to Old Trafford.

Another key aspect working in the Leicester boss’ favour is the emphasis he puts on high intensity football and the importance of meticulous training sessions which pushes a player to their limit.

He added: “I place a big demand on players and a big intensity. It’s something that is very important. A lot of my work is related to the real game: the intensity and the level at which the players play. Training is very important to me. It has to be like game-day and that stretches players to be at their very best.”

Such an approach is particularly interesting in relation to United, given the fact they have been heavily criticised for their shortcomings when out of possession and that there have also been questions asked of their coaching standards in recent weeks.

Some supporters will no doubt roll their eyes at a manager praising his own style of play. But perhaps most interesting is the praise Rodgers received from other managers, with former Barcelona boss Luis Enrique another big admirer of his approach to the game.

Brendan Rodgers with the FA Cup (Image: Michael Regan – The FA/The FA via Getty Images) “He was here [in Barcelona], not just watching games from the senior team but Barca B at the Miniestadi and the youth teams,” Enrique said when he welcomed Celtic to the Nou Camp.

“He loves good football, he is a coach that likes to play on the front foot, take the game to the opposition and you can see that already.”

The 48-year-old’s faith in young talent is another key component sure to go down well at United should he ever be considered for the first-team role. Rodgers has an excellent record for fielding youngsters at multiple clubs, having been in charge of Chelsea’s youngsters in his early coaching days.

Once again the caveat is that there is currently no managerial vacancy at Old Trafford but should things change in the months ahead then there is obvious reason why Rodgers is a clear favourite to takeover.

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