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Borche: All 50/50 judgments fell with Njarðvík

Smári Jökull Jónsson writes

Borche Ilievski, coach of ÍR, was very unhappy with the big loss of his men in Ljónagryfjan in Njarðvík tonight. Final figures in favor of the locals who had not won in three games in a row before the game .

“We came to the game very flat and had everything else in note for the game. I understand that Zvonko Buljan’s joining the team has an effect and changes something with us, but in general players need to take more responsibility. The game plan went down the drain and we seemed stressed at the beginning, “said Borche after the loss tonight.

” Njarðvík got over right from the start and we became stressed, instead of calming down the game down and keep order then we started taking some ridiculous shots. “

Not exactly happy with the refereeing of the game

“I do not usually complain about the judges but both young judges were, I do not know. Everyone 50/17) judgments fell with Njarðvík. I may have to watch the game again, but I’m not happy with how they judged, for example the technical foul on me was unreasonable, “Borche added, noting that the referees’ performance was a secondary factor in the overall picture of the game.

Danero Thomas in error problems

“It had a big impact. He is very important for the team, especially in defense, and when he sat on the bench we had to change things. The errors he got were suspicious, I need to take a closer look. It did not stop there but continued with everyone 50 / 73 bolts. It was tough against Zvonko and sometimes they judged too late. “

The ÍR team scored two of their three three-point baskets in the last minute of the game, had a utilization of 1 / (0) .

“Of course it matters, our shot statistics were weak. Some of the young boys, like Sigvaldi, need to focus more on defense instead of thinking about how many points he has scored. “

” We now get two weeks to prepare us. We have played two away games in a row now which is difficult. I was optimistic for the game but what happened is done now. We now have time to prepare for the second half of the tournament, “said ÍR coach Borche Ilievski in the end.



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