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Boeing-777 aircraft detained in Denver

A serious failure occurred in another engine of the Boeing – 777 United Airlines jet yesterday. The failure caused a fire in it and a number of large and small fragments from the engine and engine housing came loose and fell to the ground. The incident occurred shortly after takeoff in Denver, and the pilots managed to turn the plane over and land it safely. It is believed that there were no accidents on the ground, as the brackish rain rained down on a residential area in the town of Broomfield.

Report the arrest shortly before the authorities announced the same The Board of Directors of United Airlines announced the use of their 24 aircraft in their fleet, equipped with Pratt & Whitney 4000 engines such as those that failed yesterday, will be stopped until the investigation of the incident and the review of all engines is completed.

Shortly after the airline announced this, the US aviation authorities announced that they intended to stop flights of all aircraft with this type of engine and call them for further inspection due to the incident yesterday. It so happens that 777 – United Airlines’ planes are the only ones in the United States equipped with these engines.

An announcement from the Icelandic Civil Aviation Authority further states that the frequency of regular inspections the engines, and especially the engine paddles, will be increased from now on.

Aircraft with these engines only from four airlines The aviation authorities in Japan also arrested yesterday all Boeing 777 aircraft with Pratt & Whitney engines that have been in circulation there. Two Japanese airlines, Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airlines, have such aircraft in their fleet. Last December, a malfunction occurred in the engine of one such engine, which caused it to be turned over. That plane was 26 years old, like the plane that made an emergency landing in Denver yesterday.

In addition to United Airlines and the two Japanese airlines, the South Korean airline is Korean Air with similar engines in its fleet.

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