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Björgvin Páll to Valur? “Too much professional for this to have an effect”

Björgvin Páll Gústavsson, national team goalkeeper in handball, could be on his way to Valur this summer after it became clear that he would not stay with Haukur. The matter was discussed in the Second Wave on Stöð 2 Sport last night.

“We have heard whispers that Hlíðarendafélagið Valur could be a possible terminus for Björgvin , “Said Henry Birgir Gunnarsson, director of the Second Wave. In a statement from Björgvin last night, when it was announced that he wanted to take advantage of the termination clause and leave Haukur this summer, he said he wanted more time with his family.

“Valsmenn just do best. It states that he wants to get a full-time job in handball. There are not many companies that can afford it, “said Henry. The discussion can be seen below.

Editing: The second wave – Björgvin Páll on the move

“This is in line with what we hear in football, that they are going to have people up at Hlíðarendur all day and have really started to think about the sport as if they were professionals. Maybe that’s what he’s wondering about, “said Ásgeir Örn Hallgrímsson.

Maybe Aron has less patience

Björgvin will finish the season with Haukur but will it affect his performance, or Haukur’s rate?

“I do not think so, Said Jóhann Gunnar Einarsson. “People are often playing against their brothers or former teammates, and often people have made a verbal agreement to join a team without it being on the table. I think this has almost no effect.

Maybe Aron Kristjánsson has a little less patience and makes Andri Scheving play more, or someone so irritated. But Bjöggi is just a good goalkeeper and too much of a professional for this to have an effect, “said Jóhann and added:

” I think he wants more than anything to finish this with a title from Haukur. He just missed it when he was last there and I think he really wants to finish this title this year. “

Ásgeir agreed:” Bjöggi is a professional in its. The Hawks think above all about winning titles. They put the main emphasis on not letting something like that bother them. Just keep going and take the next title. ”

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