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Birthday present and memory of a dead brother


The editorial staff of the album writes

Sindri Snær Alfreðsson tónlistarmaður.
Sindri Snær Alfreðsson musician.

Blossom is a project that started at the end 2014 and is the brainchild of Sindri Snæs Alfreðsson. The first product was launched in May 2018 and was in fact a birthday present and a memorial to the deceased brother.

Blossom mixes the various music genres such as pop, metal and ambience to achieve his right sound. Sindri Snær composes, arranges, plays and records everything himself except drumming and mix which is in the hands of Leif Arnar Kaldal. Blossom can be described as a kind of pop-influenced post-hardcore / metalcore.

Blossom has released four singles and the latest one came out 31. last January and is called Deep Inside. You can listen to it and other Blossom songs below.

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