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At 288 km speed in tunnels

The driver’s first work after driving through the Soknedalsgöngin tunnel in Midtre Gauldal in Þrændalög in November was, of course, sharing a video of the car’s speedometer on the Tik Tok. Next, the grandchildren of the mayor drew her grandmother’s attention to it and she spread it on Facebook. As a result, the driver was deprived of his driving license and car and now faces unconditional imprisonment and three years’ imprisonment. Photo / From private collection

The police in Þrændalög in Norway have temporarily deprived a man in his thirties of his driving license in addition to confiscating his car after he was found driving on 200 kilometer speed per hour in the Soknedalsgöng tunnel, 3.6 kilometer long tunnel in Midtre Gauldal where the maximum speed is in November .

The offense was discovered, driving at more than 200 miles above the speed limit, when grandchildren Nina Bratt Staverløkk, mayor of Midtre Gauldal, pointed her to a video on social media Tik Tok that the driver had taken from his car’s digital speedometer while driving and, of course, shared it on the public network.

Staverløkk all the kettle fell into the fire and spread the video on Facebook and it didn’t take long until it caught the eyes of the police.

“We take the matter very seriously. Driving a car at this speed poses a great danger, both for the driver and other road users, “says Jannicke Evjen Olsen, lawyer for the police in Þrændalög, in a conversation with the Norwegian state radio NRK.

Like Formula 1 Frode Tiller Skjervø, spokesman for the Norwegian traffic safety association Trygg Trafikk in Þrændalög, says that the driver’s availability is pure nonsense. “It simply came to our notice then. Few people realize how fast it is, it is on a par with Formula 1 racing and it is pure madness that any man drives so fast on public roads in Norway, “says Skjervø.

Another mouth of the Soknedal tunnel which is 3.6 km long tunnel in Midtre Gauldal. The man drove around them at 288 km speed, just over 80 over legal 80 km maximum speed. Photo / Statens vegvesen

Police are now investigating the driver’s car with the aim of revealing whether the same car was used and used.

The driver has been questioned and one witness has been interviewed about the case. If the suspect is found guilty of the conduct, he faces an unconditional prison sentence and probably a three-year suspension from driving.




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