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“Are you working as a pizza baker or do you play football?”

Norwegian player Jens Petter Hauge thoroughly enjoys being with AC Milan in the fight for the Italian football championship. He does not hide his admiration for the Swedish superstar and his teammate, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Hauge was bought to Milan from Norwegian champions Bodö / Glimt after a good performance in the European match against Milan in September, where he scored in the Norwegian team’s 3-2 loss. The purchase price will have amounted to EUR 4 million or more 254 million ISK.

Hauge will probably be involved in the Milan battle on Sunday when the top two teams in the Italian league meet.

from that.

“Yes, we talk a lot… especially last summer when I almost went to a Belgian club. Haaland agreed that it would be better for me to reject this offer and wait for a better offer. After I played against AC Milan, he said: “Jump on this, it will be good. Of course, it will be difficult to play for AC Milan and you have to work hard on the language and more, but it will be good. “I am very happy now with my decision,” said Hauge.

As mentioned before, Hauge is very happy to be Zlatan’s teammate, who he says raises the bar for everyone, both in training and in games. But Zlatan is also funny:

“I remember once coming into the locker room with a new hat and Zlatan said, ‘Are you working as a pizza baker or do you play football?’ I like that. joke. He helps me with the language because we speak almost the same language and we can talk together, “said Hauge.

Italian football, Serie A, is on Station 2 Sport but information about broadcasts can be found here. Serie A is part of Station 2 Sport abroad, which costs ISK 3 713 per month, but you can also buy broadcasts as a single event.

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