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Another big golf tournament in Garðabær

In the summer 2022 a big golf tournament will be held in Iceland when the European girls’ national team tournament takes place at Urriðavellir at Oddi Golf Club in Garðabær.

An announcement from the Golf Association of Iceland states that preparations for the tournament, which is in the hands of GSÍ, Odds and the Golf Association of Europe, have already begun.

Once before A major golf tournament took place in this country, but it was also at Urriðavellir, when the European Women’s Championship was held there in the summer 2016. well over two hundred competitors, coaches and entourage will attend the tournament next summer, from 18 countries. Competitors will be Europe’s top amateur golfers, from the group of 18 women and younger.

The European girls’ national team tournament first took place this year 1991 and was held every two years until the year 1999 but has since been held annually. The tournament in Iceland will be the number 27 in the series. The last tournament took place in Slovakia, where the Germans celebrated their victory.

“Looking forward to giving the girls a chance to visit Iceland”

Haukur Örn Birgisson is the president of the Icelandic Golf Association as well as the European Golf Association. In an announcement from GSÍ, he says, among other things, that he is looking forward to giving foreign competitors the opportunity to visit Iceland:

“We are very proud that Iceland has been chosen as the destination for the European golf tournament. The European Golf Association was very pleased with the implementation this year 2016 and the same can be said about the competitors in that tournament. European national team tournaments are the biggest tournaments that EGA holds every year and these tournaments are always held on the best golf courses in Europe. This choice is therefore a great recognition for Urriðavöllur and members of Golfklúbb Oddi. With my GSÍ hat on, I look forward to the challenge of holding such a remarkable golf tournament and with my EGA hat on, I can only say that I look forward to giving the girls the opportunity to visit Iceland on this occasion, ” says Haukur Örn.

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