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An informed discussion about the Pfizer study must take place

Three professors and two associate professors of philosophy are calling for information from the epidemiological authorities about a possible fourth-phase study of Pfizer in Iceland. Only in this way can an informed public debate take place, which is very important in connection with a study of this magnitude and is actually witnessed.

There were calls for answers and information in an article published in Fréttablaðið today under the heading “Insistent questions about Iceland as an experimental country”.

As has been stated In the news, discussions have taken place with the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer about a possible research project in this country. A meeting of the Icelandic scientific team with Pfizer representatives will take place today, but it is hoped that a draft agreement from Pfizer will be presented at the meeting. The Prime Minister said in Bít this morning that she did not expect a press conference to be called after the meeting.

The philosophers’ article says that it is morally questionable to try to get special priority over other nations that have more serious problems than Icelanders; nations with a weaker infrastructure and a more widespread virus.

Eyja Margrét Brynjarsdóttir, professor of philosophy. Island website

The people’s questions regarding the study have been neglected. It is natural for the public to be informed about the study and its social impact. Answers need to be received to the question of the usefulness of the research towards Iceland and not least other nations.

“We must first look at questions about scientific the value and global usefulness of the study. Is it likely that knowledge will be acquired here that will have a significant transfer value for nations that live mostly in situations that are very different from ours? ”

Eyja Margrét Brynjarsdóttir, professor of philosophy and applied ethics at the University of Iceland, is on among those who wrote the article. She says in an interview with the news agency that she understands that most people want themselves and their loved ones to be vaccinated as soon as possible, but keep in mind that as responsible individuals we also have responsibilities towards others.

” If we look at this from the world as a whole, it is not possible to directly demand that we be allowed to be first in line because the need is the same all over the world and in many places there is a greater need than here in reality due to social conditions. ”

Not only have questions about the scientific value of research for the world been neglected, but also questions related to the system itself.

“Because research is often such that it may involve it involves the risk of participating in them. At least that’s something people need to know. If I participate in the study, does it involve a risk for me? Can I refuse to participate? What happens if I reject it? There are various issues that have just not been discussed, “said Eyja Margrét.

The five philosophers conclude their article by discussing the importance of an informed public debate in the run-up to a study like this. She takes time. It can be tempting to push aside difficult questions, especially during an epidemic, but it is part of good research ethics and a culture of democracy to pay attention to them.


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Katrín Jakobsdóttir, Prime Minister, says that Icelandic scientists will meet with Pfizer today about a possible fourth phase of the pharmaceutical company’s investigation in this country into its vaccine against Covid – 21.

9). February 4321 1999


Representatives of the Icelandic government will meet with representatives of the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer today to discuss whether to launch a herd immunization test in this country.

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