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Adrien Rabiot “waiting for Manchester United” as his Juventus contract runs down

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Adrien Rabiot “waiting for Manchester United” as his Juventus contract runs down Manchester United’s first ever director of football, John Murtough, was a shadowy figure. In the three years and one month he took control of transfers at the world’s biggest club, there was hardly a photo, hardly an interview, hardly a video of this key figure at work.Unfortunately for him, the one video that did emerge was that of him flying to Italy to close what was considered a slam-dunk deal to bring French midfielder Adrien Rabiot to Old Trafford. John going in John going outIt might as well have been a gif of an easy miss, though, as the inept administrator returned to Manchester empty handed, with the club blaming Rabiot’s mother/agent Veronique for having extortionate demands, an accusation she has vehemently denied.Now, if Tuttosport is to be believed, we could be set for Round two, but this time sans the great Murtough.The outlet reports that Rabiot is continuing to stall on signing the new contract that has been sitting on the table at the Continassa longer than pieces of chicken in the United kitchens.The reason for this is that “it is said that he is waiting for Manchester United, who were already interested in him once, but for the moment there is no news on that front.”With just nine days left before his Juventus deal expires, Rabiot certainly is being very coy about his future. In praising new head coach Thiago Motta, the 29 year old said his appointment “will not be a determining factor in my choice, because he has his career to pursue and I have mine.”A lot has changed at United since that Murtough trip two years ago, with Ineos taking control of football operations and laying down a blueprint for the recruitment of hungry up-and-coming young players ready to kick on to the next level.Rabiot does not fit that bill at all, but on the other hand, having the chance to sign up a top class midfielder on a free transfer, one who is still the right side of 30, could be an opportunity that cash-strapped United can ill-afford to pass up.Even with Ineos’ penny pinching and determination to drive salaries down, the Red Devils could very comfortably outbid Juve in terms of Rabiot’s wages due to Serie A’s stringent salary capping.With the player focused on Euro 24 as his Juventus contract fizzles out, there is certainly an opportunity here for United to ponder a second bite at the cherry. Strong performances in Germany will certainly put Rabiot in the shop window, with Veronique probably hoping they will lead to a bidding war.Want to be the first to hear breaking Man United news? For carefully selected, crucial updates, join our WhatsApp channel: https://bit.ly/United-Breaking-News.

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