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Access for children of foreign origin

Alexandra Briem writes

The Reykjavík School and Leisure Council today approved a greatly increased teaching of Icelandic for children with a mother tongue other than Icelandic with an increase of 80 millions annually in the issue for the next three years. It is important to equalize the opportunity for everyone to participate fully in society, make friends, follow the discussion and the news. Not to mention that in a variety of jobs, it is either downright necessary, or at least extremely helpful. It is about democracy and equality and creating a society where everyone can feel good, enjoy their talents and have the opportunity to prosper. It’s in our best interests.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the public authorities to ensure that those who move here have the opportunity to do so. to learn the language. With this change, funding per student will be significantly increased and two new Icelandic centers will be opened. This is to ensure a strong teaching of Icelandic to students who move here, during the first months of residence, which enables them to enter the school system with greater vigor with their peers. In addition, the support of our experts in the Center for Language and Literacy will be increased. Bridge builders will also be strengthened to ensure good co-operation between the school system and multilingual children and their parents. Increased funding will be spent on multicultural preschool activities.

The discussion about which languages Speaking of Iceland, it has been quite noticeable in recent days. The requirement for people to speak the language of local people when they move can be very unfair. It may be better for Icelanders to speak, for example, English, which most of us are almost fluent in anyway. Or Danish we have learned from a young age or other Nordic languages. Now or German and other Germanic languages ​​that are chemically similar to what we know and use similar verbs and inflections, been simpler than for many who move here to learn our beloved worldly language. It is both grammatically complex and rarely heard outside the country. That is why we want to support children who come here even better so that they are on an equal footing with Icelandic children when it comes to opportunities.

Pirates place all emphasis on equality and equality regardless of origin. I’m proud of our Pirates’ involvement in this issue. We row every year in the direction that society is good for people regardless of class, position or origin. It’s about creating a society for everyone, where people are not left out. The diversity of human life is so precious. It is important to enable us as a society to enjoy the power of powerful people from different backgrounds so that we can all thrive together.

The author is a representative of Pírata in the Reykjavík School and Leisure Council.


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