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A good mask is key

Experts say it is time to put more emphasis on quality masks or to use three-layer masks and nerve masks together due to the highly contagious variant of the coronavirus.

Scientists agree that the main route of transmission Covid – 19 is an airborne infection rather than a contact and that a small amount of mist from breathing and speech can travel many meters.

This means that there is an increased risk of spray infection available due to new variants such as the one first detected in the UK, B.1.1.7.

When the use of masks in public began to be recommended, there was a shortage of quality masks on the market and therefore the public was encouraged to wear other masks. In some places such masks were made from shirts or other things that came up.

Linsey Marr, a professor of engineering at Virginia Tech who specializes in the spread of airborne infectious diseases, told the AFP news agency that there are two things that matter most about the effectiveness of the mask: using the mask correctly and filter filters. Here in Iceland, three-layer masks are recommended, but Marr says that in addition, it is important that the mask covers both the mouth and nose to stop droplet infection. She says that even a small gap can increase the risk of infection by 50%. It is best to use approved masks . These are special epidemic masks with a hole size of about 0.3 micrometers, which do not let through tiny particles such as viruses.

Despite mentioning the possibility of using two masks says Crunch that is not recommended to use more. By adding, there is always a risk that the person will have trouble breathing. It must be easy to breathe through the layers of the mask, otherwise there is a greater risk of leakage along the mask.

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