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90% of the infections were due to a hotel guard

Epidemic hotels in Melbourne are security institutions. AFP

Very few countries in the world have a way of sending everyone who enters the country to an epidemic hotel while they wait for their first quarantine.

There are New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore and finally Australia, but successful measures there have repeatedly found their way into world news.

Roughly 90. From the beginning of the epidemic, people have had to stay in an epidemic on arrival in Australia, where their isolation is taken very seriously. When society is in full swing, it is, after all, fatal if the infection escapes from the epidemic hotels.

The defenses must be maintained Since November, three cities have suddenly had to close everything due to a loophole in the fortifications.

When it happened in Melbourne in July, the virus spread so fast that the most common infections 90% of all infections in Australia from the beginning of the epidemic.

For this reason, Australians make every effort to keep their epidemics safe, just as Icelanders would have to consider if they decided to follow this same path.

As the BBC discusses in an article about quarantine hotels, the guards need to be in strict isolation themselves. The group infections that occurred in July were mostly traced to intimate communication between a guest of a hotel and a guard, who then spread the disease to the community.

Wants to tighten border measures Þórólfur Guðnason, Chief Epidemiologist, has discussed ideas for tightening operations on the Icelandic border. One of the possibilities is to oblige visitors to the country to start their stay in an epidemic.

Þórólfur Guðnason Epidemiologist. Photography / Civil protection

It is clear that very clear rules need to apply, because as stated in a BBC article, there was no close communication between the guards and visitors in all the cases where the virus entered the community.

On the contrary, according to scientists, it was caused in some cases by a guard walking the same path as an infected person had walked inside the building. Airborne infections can occur and the damage is reduced.

It is better immediately if the guards can be vaccinated, as the risk of infection passing through them and into the community will be reduced immediately.

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